Saturday, December 14, 2013

Local Bookshops for Santa's Elves

A List of Lists: Guides to NYC's Resurgent Indie Bookstores

You're a New Yorker; you need gifts for at least a few bibliophiles. Go offline and explore the city's reviving indie bookstore scene. Just bookmark these guides on your mobile phone, and off you go! (Like Santa at Macy’s, I’m sending you down the street for merchandise I don’t carry at this time...)

Top 10: The Gothamist’s recently published take on the best of the boroughs (25 November 2013)

15 Indie Bookstores: From Racked, a wide-ranging, city-wide listing (21 February 2013)

Spring 2013’s Top New Indies: Time Out NY’s selection of the best newly opened stores of Q1 (16 April 2013)

Indies in Manhattan That Are Not the Strand: Nation Books editor Daniel Lopreto’s favorites (12 July 2012)

Best Specialty Bookstores: Subject-specific shops for the sagacious, from Time Out NY (date N/A)

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