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The Grand Central Holiday Fair 2013: A One-Hour Guide
With a well curated mix of handcrafted items created and sold by North American artisans, Grand Central's Centennial Holiday Fair offers an intimate shopping alternative to the cacophony of door-buster deals in the weeks ahead. A lovely thought for this time of year, in this era of Big Retail ridiculousness: Think regional, buy local. (28 November 2013)


New Faux NYC Service: Seeing-Eye People for Texters
Every New York driver's dream. (6 May 2013)
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One Night at the Plaza
A year into its condo conversion, I recalled my one stay at the Plaza Hotel, on the last Saturday before it closed. And took the opportunity to lament the Grande Dame's exit. (30 April 2006)

Feast of San Gennaro 2010 
Little Italy's Feast of San Gennaro on Mulberry St. is one of those annual NYC events you should do at least once every five years or so. Go with no expectations, meander (as best you can in the crowd) from Houston St. to Canal St., and savor the aroma of sausages, seafood and sweat commingling around you. (25 September 2010)

St. Paddy's Day 2010
It promises to be a beautiful day for the St. Patrick's Day Parade on Fifth Avenue -- if you don't mind the crowds, you find amusement in the looks-like-that-dude's-going-to-keel-over-any-moment suspense, and you can overlook the politics of exclusion. (17 March 2010)

Mega Millions Mania 
MsManhattan is ambivalent about Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball and all the other games that comprise the state lottery. Nonetheless, a fortune teller in Dublin once told me I would win $50,000 in the lottery on March 5th or 6th. She did not say what year. So anytime a drawing falls on one of those dates, I get optimistic. (6 March 2007)

Film Forum's Victor Fleming Fest
I love the retro film fests at Film Forum. When I first moved to New York, in the early 80s, you could catch retro films at half a dozen or more indie theaters. You could camp out in the mezzanine seats, and smoke and drink, settle in, immerse yourself in four hours of consciously curated double bills. (4 March 2010)