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Need to Know: Neighborhood Resources
From Murray Hill to Morningside Heights, Little Italy to Lenox Hill, these neighborhood guides, maps and interactive tools will help you find whatever you need, wherever you're going. (8 May 2006)

Find Restaurants by Neighborhood
My hands-down favorite source -- on the Web, that is -- for locating restaurants by neighborhood is New York Magazine's Restaurant Guide. Its critics' picks are well-chosen, and its reviews are straightforward and reliable. Search by any area in the city, then further drill down by cuisine, price, atmosphere or any number of preferences.
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Find My Community Board
It's easy to feel like you're not being heard in a city as cacophonous as New York, but don't give up. If you have concerns about your neighborhood -- too many rats on the block, a high-rise development proposal that will mar the local character -- voice them at the next public meeting of your local Community Board. Use this guide to locate yours. (3 June 2006)

Morningside Heights: Walking Tour
Morningside Heights -- so named because it sits atop a 135-foot bluff -- is a genteel neighborhood just above Manhattan's Upper West Side. Flanked by three of the city's finest parks, and home to Columbia University and The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, it lends itself to meandering and taking your time. Get to know the people and places of Morningside Heights on this walking tour. (15 February 2006)


Little Italy: Feast of San Gennaro 2010 
Little Italy's Feast of San Gennaro on Mulberry St. is one of those annual NYC events you should do at least once every five years or so. Go with no expectations, meander (as best you can in the crowd) from Houston St. to Canal St., and savor the aroma of sausages, seafood and sweat commingling around you. (25 September 2010)

Midtown: The Plaza Hotel
A year into its condo conversion, I recalled my one stay at the Plaza Hotel, on the last Saturday before it closed. And took the opportunity to lament the Grande Dame's exit. (30 April 30 2006)

Midtown East: Historic Caswell-Massey Closes
After 84 years of continuous operation, Caswell-Massey's beautifully-appointed flagship store at Lexington & 48th St. closed on April 3, 2010, a casualty of the push and pull between old and new, local and global. (1 April 2010)
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Morningside Heights: Amiable Child Monument 
On my weekend outings with the dogs, I try to wander, breaking off our well-worn routes in Riverside Park or Central Park in the hopes of coming upon something I've never seen before. Today I was rewarded with the discovery of the Amiable Child Monument on Riverside Drive at 123rd St., just north of General Grant's Tomb. (7 March 2010)