Thursday, April 18, 2013

NYC Recycling, Part 1: Separating and Sorting Household Recyclables

The first of a three-part series spotlighting resources available at WasteLe$$, a comprehensive guide to recycling in the city, created by the DSNY Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling. The following links guide you to the online facts on household recyclables, including how to separate and sort them for effective curbside recycling.

Update (posted 9 May 2013)

Original Listing (to be updated soon with new regulations)

What goes into mixed-paper recycling, and how to deal with it; plus, what doesn’t go — like milk cartons and hardcover books. It goes in the green bins.

How to recycle beverage cartons, glass bottles and jars, and various metals and foil. They all go together in the blue bins. Including milk cartons!

Did you know you can recycle that old metal file cabinet in your home office? That old metal Ikea kitchen cart? Get the low-down here.

More information and tips on household recycling, including building-wide recycling requirements and how to report violations.

Everything you need to know to ensure you never recycle plastics incorrectly again. Find out why New York only recycles certain plastics and how to accurately identify those that are recyclable here.

That depends on where you are. Find out why it’s so confusing.

An interactive game to test (and reinforce!) how well you know how to separate and sort your recyclables. Play online or download the app to your Android or iOS device.

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This series will continue with Part 2, information on the city’s other recycling options and safe disposal events for hazardous household trash. Part 3 will cover city-sponsored reuse programs.

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